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Iguchi Mao blog post 2018.4.6 (translated)

Thank you very much
2018.4.6 – Iguchi Mao


Thank you very much for selling out!! (TL Note: handshake slot)

I’m very happy.


This time, I didn’t do my best with anything,
so I thought that I obviously wouldn’t sell out
as there were places where I gave up.


I didn’t update my blog.
I also slacked off on messages.

Even though I gave up this time

For such a person like me,
everyone made it sell out

So many people still
haven’t abandoned
someone useless like me.
I understand that I am being supported.

I’m truly sorry
about the places I slacked on

I want to be
an idol who can further give
at least the minimum repayment
to everyone who supports me


Rather than as an idol,
to be able to repay everyone,
I have to start as a human being



As an idol,
I’m no good at dance, singing, or acting.
I might be useless.


As a human being,
I don’t want to be useless

At the minimum,
as a human being,
I want to be a human who can
convey her gratitude to
everyone who supports her

I want to go convey my gratitude


Although I gave up,
I sold out.
Everyone’s feelings were conveyed to a painful degree.


Once more,
I’ll reset my feelings
and do my best


Doing my best more and more,
I’ll definitely
become a splendid idol


Thank you for always supporting me

Thank you for helping me reorganize my feelings


From now on,
I think I’ll lose my way many more times,
but everyone is here to set me straight,
so I’ll do my best facing forward


From now on, please take care of me


Truly, thank you


Translator: Shino

I haven’t done blog translations for a while. I’m sorry, Zuumin! But… right now, this is Iguchi’s time.

Of the members, there are the members who sell well on handshake events and those who don’t. Sometimes whether or not they get to sell out is a game of chance as getting to go is kind of like a lottery. The two members that come to mind when we talk about not selling out are Mao and Manafi. They’re both precious people.

With Mao, she might not be great at singing, but there are kids who aren’t good with singing too. Her dancing, she’s worked hard and improved a lot. Haven’t we basically all seen her go wild with the Futari Saison solo dance? At least, I thought it was cool, the way she danced. And her acting, she was pretty decent in Re:Mind.

I don’t subscribe to Iguchi’s mobame, so I can’t say anything on that, but she updates her blog often. She didn’t update her blog for a week in the last week of March, which is what she might have been talking about.

Let’s keep cheering everyone on.

You can find the raws here.



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