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Hiragana Keyaki 2nd Generation blog post 2017.12.04 (Translated)

Nice to meet you~ Kosaka Nao
2017.12.4 – Hiragana Keyaki 2nd Generation


Everyone, nice to meet you!

Hiragana Keyakizaka46, 2nd generation,
From Osaka, middle school 3rd year, 15 years old,
I’m Kosaka Nao!


Finally, from December 1st, the 2nd generations’ blog has started~
The blogs will update in a relay format!
The 3rd person is myself, Kosaka Nao.



Now then! I wonder if it’s too quick…
To let everyone know more about me, I’ll do a self introduction!


☆ From Osaka, middle school 3rd year, 15 years old, O blood type, I’m Kosaka Nao!
Often the character for “Nao” is chosen wrongly.
It’s not “Nao” but “Nao”! (Not “奈緒” but “菜緒”)
Please remember it as the Nao from rapsflowers~


☆ My personality is mature. I’ve been called cool.


☆My birthday is September 7th, a virgo.
☆My favorite food is hamburger.
Recently, I’ve been liking tofu hamburger!


☆I like dogs.
Although I can’t handle them if they’re too big…


☆ Within the 2nd generation, there are a lot of people who are basically calm.
Listening to everyone talk is fun~
When we talk, we really talk!


Now, now, everyone, do you more or less have an idea of who I am???


I’m already nostalgic of when I passed the auditions.


showroom was super fun~
When I passed the auditions, many people congratulated me and I was super happy.
I’m truly thankful.


At that time, my heart had been decided.

My goal is to be an idol who gives many people smiles and courage.


One day, I want to become an existence who pulls Hiragana Keyakizaka46 together…!!


Also, we’ve participated in many things in the last 4 months. Although we’re not there yet, I’ll do best so Hiragana Keyakizaka46 can shine more and more!


This is the black outfit from the time of B.L.T!
I’ve worn this mature one piece.
I was super happy taking pictures with this beautiful outfit!
Thank you very much!




I’ll make some announcements.

☆ Weekly Young Jump

They’ve let me do my first solo gravure!

It’s still not released yet, so it’s a secret…
But beautiful pictures were taken, so if you would like to, please get it!

Everyone, please take a look~

I’d like to write again in detail!



I’m sorry that this talk is not ending at all.
I’d like to become more used to this.


We will put effort in everyday, looking up to our senpai’s backs, and do our best.
Please support us from now on!


I’ll do my best to write interesting things in my blog!



Manamo-chan and Konoka,
the dependable big sister Manamo and the Kansai pair’s beloved Konoka,
are the 2nd generation big sisters~



Tomorrow will be Tomita Suzuka!


Now then, please wait for the next time…


Thank you for reading.

Kosaka Nao


Translated by: Shino

You can find the original post here.

Kosaka Nao-chan is super cute! Although I know next to nothing about her character (I can appreciate cool though), I’m definitely curious about her. The first thing that attracted me to her? Ah, her face. She’s cute. The next 2nd gen blog post will be Paripi-chan. I don’t know if I’ll translate it though.


Translator / QC @ Depressing Subs

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  1. Badkidz says:

    kindly translate it, also previous post of 2nd gen hira. 🙂 at least for the introduction until all new member post.

    1. Shino says:

      It turns out that this person here: is translating the 2nd gen hiragana members’ blog posts. While there are some minor differences in translation, (I tend to go for the more literal translations as long as the meaning is still present) you can check them out.
      Although, when the 2nd gen. get their own blogs, it may be difficult for the translator on that site to do everyone. Thus, in that case, I’ll pick and choose (probably from the members I’m most interested in like Paripi-chan and Nao) to translate.

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