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  1. Menja says:

    Really… really… thankful that you’d allow us to stream your subtitled work. It really makes it A LOT easier for us with slow download speed to watch your stuff.

  2. sanahda says:

    thank you for the sub!

  3. you da real MVP dude

  4. Stolichnaya Vodka says:

    Thank you so much for picking this series back up! Your translations and presentation are THE BEST!!

  5. DOZO says:

    Hey don’t worry about being late or something, we’re just happy to be able to get subs for this no matter when it comes 😀
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Christofer says:

    WOW !!!!
    i love this year!

    thank you depressing for the hardwork, the sub is great as always!
    looking forward to your next release 🙂

  7. Mamatt says:

    hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu, DS team

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