Contact me if you need any help in timing, typesetting or encoding for subbing Keyaki-related video or want to collaborate.

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  1. DOZO says:

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Double release is a nice surprise, thank you for the hard work.

    1. Aya-chan says:

      Yeah, enjoy it. It’s our best effort to closen the gap between air date and sub date because before this, we’re 2 weeks behind.

  3. Thanks a lot for double release, love you guys so much

  4. Kurk says:

    Aya-chan, any idea how many episodes this series has? Unlike most idol-related shows, this goes WAAAY past episode 12!

    1. Aya-chan says:

      no idea but I believe it will continuous until more than 100 episodes like Keyakitte Kakenai, Nogizakatte Doko, Nogizaka Koujichuu…

  5. Christofer says:

    Wow, its 2 episode at once,, thank you, must be difficult to balance it with you Daily Schedule

    will looking forward to next sub 🙂

    great sub as always

  6. Stolichnaya Vodka says:

    Congrats on the double-release! Awesome job, as always!!

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