[EP15] Hiragana Oshi 180722 (English Subbed)

Translator: Aeila & Lacubo
Timer: Aya-chan
QC: Shino
Encoder: SaitoWinterStar

We’re sorry if there’s any imperfection in our sub. Let us know if there’s any error so we can improve it.

720p x265 1080p x265 Streaming


From now on, for Hiragana Oshi, we’ll only prepare these:
1. 60fps streaming (private DailyMotion). Why DailyMotion? Because GDrive player can’t play 60fps and it’s the most safe place from copyright infringement.
2. 720p x265 & 1080p 60fps x265  download link

– Due to a suggestion/request, we use x265 to save space. x265 is not widely supported like x264 so if you have problems playing it, it is because your player don’t have the right codec to play the vid. If you have problem, please Google.
– Those who want other quality besides from what we provide, please follow this tutorial.
– Whatever we provide, you can either take it or leave it because we can never make everyone satisfy at the same time despite we already do so much.


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  1. No Name says:

    Thank you so much

  2. DOZO says:

    Knowing that someone regularly does the subs for a show you love is probably one of the best feelings in the world.
    Thank you so much as usual.

  3. Bakti Limo says:

    Thanks so much for the sub.
    But size wise, your x265 is no different from x264.

    1. Aya-chan says:

      Coz some people complaint that our x265 quality sucks, pixelated. So we increase the encoding settings to obtain a higher quality result. If you want higher quality, then you’ve to sacrifice the size. If you want smaller size, then you’ve to sacrifice the quality a bit.

  4. Stolichnaya Vodka says:

    This show is so good! Thank you so much for subbing it!!

  5. shah says:

    Thank you so much

  6. Christofer says:

    Great sub as always 🙂
    1080p is great!
    love it ♥

  7. Liks says:

    Hoping we get streaming links for this. More power!

    1. Aya-chan says:

      I have edited the post. Dailymotion streaming link added.

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