[EP07] Hiragana Oshi 180520 (English Subbed)

Translator: Shino
Timer: Kanekotsugu
QC: Aeila & Lacubo
Encoder: SaitoWinterStar

Eien no Hakusen translation is by toomuchidea.

We’re sorry if there’s any imperfection in our sub. Let us know if there’s any error so we can improve it.

720p x265 1080p x265 Streaming



From now on, for Hiragana Oshi, we’ll only prepare these:

1. 60fps streaming (private DailyMotion). Why DailyMotion? Because GDrive player can’t play 60fps and it’s the most safe place from copyright infringement.
2. 720p x265 & 1080p 60fps x265  download link

– Due to a suggestion/request, we use x265 to save space. x265 is not widely supported like x264 so if you have problems playing it, it is because your player don’t have the right codec to play the vid. If you have problem, please Google.
– Those who want other quality besides from what we provide, please follow this tutorial.
– We’re still under experimenting with x265 to get the best result so if the quality is bad, please understand. Instead of complaining of bad quality, you can suggest to us best encoding setting.
– Whatever we provide, you can either take it or leave it because we can never make everyone satisfy at the same time despite we already do so much.

Also, please don’t ask for softsub repeatedly. We already made announcement about it.  🙂


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  1. re112 says:

    Actually, you put wrong url in streaming button. It directs to ganaoshi ep 06

    1. Aya-chan says:

      yup. It’s already been fix but Dailymotion only let you choose the vid quality up til 480p. I dont even know why although a few minutes ago, the 1080p option appear

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