Contact me if you need any help in timing, typesetting or encoding for subbing Keyaki-related video or want to collaborate.

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  1. boi14 says:

    thanks for the sub! can you provide 720p h265 version of the hardsub?
    i always using h265 version of detruisto to save my hdd space.

    1. Aya-chan says:

      Please be grateful with whatever we provide. I am already tortured when I provide 720p, people want 1080p, when I provide both, people want 60fps, when I provide 60fps, people want 480p. You see, we can’t satisfy everyone so just take whatever we provide okay? I am pretty sure when I use x265, some people will come to me and ask “why the vid only appear black on player?” and so on…

    2. boi14 says:

      oh okay.
      then i’m hoping that there’ll time when you’ll be giving softsub again.
      until that time, i’ll download h265 for my collection and just watching in stream when you’re sub is up.
      thanks again, お疲れ様でした.

    3. Aya-chan says:

      you know what…although I am half-hearted, we might give it a try for ep07 because the encoder don’t really mind doing it. But if there’s still complaint like the vid quality is poor, we’ll not listen to it any more.

  2. boi14 says:

    great! thanks a lot.
    i don’t mind it. at least you have try it.
    again, thank you!!

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