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  1. Thanks, hope we get streaming links too.

  2. Mamatt says:

    Thank you for all you hardwork, DepressingSubs Team.

  3. foylage says:

    is there something wrong with the link or is the problem only occurs for me only? i cant access the link given nor download the content. do we need any permission to view?

  4. Something says:

    I too cant access it no matter how i try to decompress it it wont

    1. Aya-chan says:

      The other person has successfully downloaded it after he changed to a different browsers.

      First of all, you need to describe your issue precisely. A screenshot of the problem would be nice. 1. Are you unable to download? 2. Or you’ve downloaded but can’t open file?

      1. Try downloading with different browsers or go incognito, or try turning off your browser extension one by one to see which extension is causing the problem. Because I’ve checked the links many times, there’s nothing wrong with the link. I’ve even downloaded it with my phone.

      2. Check if the file is corrupted or not by comparing the size of the file. 1080p should be around 1.76 GB and 720p around 760 MB. If your downloaded file size is smaller than that, that means it’s corrupted. Hence, explained why you can’t extract the file.

      I will not use MEGA no more. Though I like it, they’ve downgraded the storage to 15 GB only which is really not convenient for me. Hard to keep track of files and need to use multiple accounts.

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