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Beware of Typhoon and Enjoy Your Day. Kitagawa Yuri 2019.10.12 (English Translation)




















It’s been a while.

Honestly, I don’t know what to write this blog because my turn is right after the typhoon’s strike. At the time like this, my blog won’t be any help, I even worried if it’s okay for me to write this blog.
But among that, while I’m still having this uneasy feelings, I want to make you all feel that “you’re not alone,” even though I’m still not sure about that, I’m writing this down.

Well then, I’m gonna write something that related to October.
Speaking of October, I’m feel like autumn is in coming. Or rather than that, it’s like my feelings that went towards the autumn.
(I wonder why? maybe because it has two digit number…)
Until September, I still can feel the summer’s reverberation, lodging upon the dreams with sentimental feelings, but when it suddenly become October, the sparkles that I keep, or the cry of the cicadas that I’ve never missed were put into the drawer and got locked down until next summer, and at the same time, both of my hands are ready to welcome the autumn breeze.

Everyone will start to use long sleeve clothes. When I realized it, I will keep eating hot pot only. Soon, people will fall in love in winter. When I realized it, people will be more kind.

I feel like those kinds of magic that taught me about the consciousness and the unconsciousness of the transition of the seasons were fell along the road.

I think that the seasons were switching over at the moment people picked up that magic and not leaving anyone with sadness behind.

That’s why, until the moment you can fully grasp your autumn, the winter will be waiting for you. I also wanna looking for it slowly.

While I’m writing this blog, the sounds of rain and wind are getting bigger and bigger.
I pray for your safety.

I’m preparing the flashlights and also putting hot water into the thermos.

Thank you very much for reading this.

Her sense of wording is kinda unusual, just enjoy it.


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