On November 30, we announced our hiatus from subbing Keyaki-related videos. It caused quite a stir for a while although we had not mentioned yet whether we were gonna stop subbing temporarily or permanently. Some people are confused on what’s going on. To clear things up, we’re gonna answered some of the most frequently asked questions here. It’s going to be a bit lengthy, so if you’re not interested or too lazy to read this Q&A, you can just skip to the very bottom of the page (future plan and final words) because that’s the most important/main reason we want to write this announcement.

Q1. Why we went on hiatus:
During our active subbing period, we received many complaints. There’s good and there’s bad. We listened to the good for our improvement so we could deliver the best quality sub to people and tried to ignore all the negative people who only complained to make us feel bad about ourselves. But still, we’re human after all…eventually, all those mean words made us feel demotivated to continue doing subs. That is one of the factors why some of us thought of quitting. Besides that, we have our own personal reasons to quit. But that’s not the reason why we went on hiatus. Although demotivated, we continue doing subs like usual for the people who looked forward to our subs and because Keyaki is the reason we all are here in the first place.

Until recently when…one of our staff wrote openly about things that were going on in her mind about 2nd gen Kanji and received some backlashes. At that time, she was working on translating Hiragana Oshi ep33. That’s when 3 of our active staff decided to stop subbing Keyaki-related videos because after what happened, of course we don’t want the staff to force herself to continue working on the translation when she’s not in her best mood. Plus, we also  were affected by those comments. We felt that it was too much for us because all this time, we already endured a lot of negative comments and now, we received more as if we never contributed anything to the fandom. If we stopped subbing for a while, we could clear our heads from all this negativity, stay away from the toxic internet, heal from the wounds caused by those mean words, rest and focus on much more important business in real life. People can’t die from not watching subbed videos anyway. There’s 500+ subbed contents on KEYAVIDS, so we bet many people haven’t watched every single one of them yet.

And so, we went on hiatus. At first, certain staff felt like it was a rushed and bad decision because more and more people started to grow some hate on us for stopping without a good reason. But after a few days, the hiatus was doing great for us. Staff who are demotivated to sub finally are able to regain some motivation (Keyaki is life after all) and staff who are busy in real life can finally focus on their lives without having to worry that Hiragana Oshi must be completed before Monday. We are also finally able to decide what we’re gonna do from now on.

Q2. Why we sub Hiragana Oshi:
Some people ask, why we touch Hiragana stuff when we’re not even into them that much. We have many reasons. There’s staff who really like Hiragana, trying to like Hiragana, enjoy doing it for variety entertainment not for the idols, and staff who just do whatever task is given (lol). None of us has hatred towards them, some just have a little difficulty getting into them because it’s normal for people to have preferences.

Our future plan

After discussing with every member on the team, we finally decided that we will continue to sub Keyaki-related videos as usual. We will also continue subbing Hiragana Oshi. At first, we thought of dropping it because a weekly show requires perseverance and dedication, and we think that our team isn’t as productive as before and there are many staff members who are busy and inactive. Even if you’re having a bad day, if you’re sick, emotionally unstable, busy, on vacation, or have to study for examinations, the subs must go on. It’s either you or other active staff who have to finish it on time before people start to ask questions.  (Hats off to GEES for being able to sub weekly shows for years T_T). The majority of us agree to continue Hiragana Oshi and think that we should finish/continue working on what we already started. Moreover, we think that it’s better for a team to work on this weekly show rather than for one-man fansub to. It must be pretty tiring. We also think that it’s not fair to the people who supported us, thanked us every week, if we drop the show for real.

Final words

To those who are supporting us, giving us encouragement, and having hope that we will come back during our hiatus period, thank you very much. We will try to hang on as long as possible and not lose to negativity. Anyway, just bear in your mind that most fansubs will eventually die, but a new one will be born and rise as the fandom grows bigger. We don’t know when will our time come yet. Perhaps it can be longer than we expected.

And one more thing…please do not mistake WTS, GEES and DS. Be more aware of credits and watermarks in videos. If you can, please download videos that we sub from our website instead of from KEYAVIDS. From your clicks of the download link in this site, we at least can have our own earnings to pay for the website cost later instead of relying on donations (we only pay once a year, $80, the cost may increase if the resources of our hosting are running out). We give you subs, you click our links. That’s all we ask for. Plus, downloading from KEYAVIDS will reduce the quality of the videos (it has been encoded multiple times) so we feel like our hard work to deliver you the highest video quality possible is kinda wasted.

Thank you for reading this announcement until finish. Hope everyone in the fandom able to welcome us back with warmth.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ☺🎉