For your information, after our GDrive got suspended, we purchase 1TB OneDrive storage. One flaw that we didn’t know before we purchase it is, it has a sharing limit.

What is a sharing limit?

To give you an idea, it is like GDrive’s ‘Download quota exceeded’. Once the system detects that there is too much activity, then the file can’t be downloaded temporarily. But there’s one difference between OneDrive and GDrive. Gdrive download quota exceeded only affecting 1 file that received high number of traffic/activity. OneDrive sharing limit affecting all files. Yeah, it’s very troublesome. Just because 1 file received more traffic that the others, all files can’t be access by anyone except the owner.

After contacting the OneDrive support team, the only solution to this problem is to wait until the system resets our sharing limitations after 24 hours. If you encountered something like “File not found” on OneDrive page or redirected to Microsoft login page, please try again after a few hours (recommended: 24 hours).

We apologize for this inconvenience. Maybe, for releases that may receive a lot of traffic, we will provide a link.