The site named Depressing Subs because I (Aya-chan) don’t think my sub is good enough for everyone thus make the viewer depressed. Plus, I am a depressed person too.

Early establishment of this site, the site only make subbed music videos and live performances. We are now trying to find more staff so we can release subtitle for other Keyakizaka-related video too.

Name: Aya-chan
Country: Selangor, Malaysia
Role: Founder/Manage all sites/Timer/Typsetter/Encoder
Experiences/Speciality: 6 years experience in subbing (but still noob), designing, programming
Oshi: Hirate Yurina

“I’m glad Keyakizaka46 exists.”
Twitter: @aliyaYgBisu

Name: Aeila
Country: Philippines
Role: Timer/Typesetter/Translator
Speciality: English Language
Japanese language: ermm.. not really sure about it but I can atleast understand a bit of it 😆

“I’m a total newbie to subbing but I’ll do what I can to support this website.”
Twitter: @AeilaSakasBitch

Name: Lacubo
Country: Indonesia
Role: Translator
Japanese language: my one and only specality that I have for now


“I always seeking for a new challange in order to test my ability and how much I improve from time to time. Nothing special.”
Twitter: @dipolacubo

Name: Shino
Country: USA (East Coast)
Role: Translator/QC
Specialty: Art? English, maybe.
Oshi: Shida Manaka


“I love everyone in Keyakizaka46!”
Twitter: @ShinokiW

We hope more people can join us! (but zero profit gain)