Our GD account where we uploaded most of our subs is suspended. We’re in progress of re-uploading the files but there are some videos that we don’t have hardsub backup. Although we’ve the softsub, it’s gonna take a lot of time to re-edit and re-encode everything so before we resorting to that, we would like to ask a favor from you. If you have any video listed below, please help us upload the file(s) and send the link down in the comment section below so that we can save it, fix all the links in the site and help future visitors downloading these files too. Or if you prefer Twitter, please reach @dipolacubo. Thank you in advance! We know, it’s a lot to ask so if you don’t feel like to, it’s alright.



Thanks to everyone’s help, we finally obtained 100% of our files back! Now, we will work on to fix all links in this site~ Please give us at least 2 weeks because we don’t want to burden the server by editing too many posts in a day and we also need to transfer all files to a new storage.

  1. Hiragana Oshi ep14 (720p)
  2. Zambi Visual Commentary ep01 – ep05
  3. 181113 Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen! (Nogizaka46) (1080p & 720p)
  4. AKB48 SHOW! (Nogizaka46 SHOW!) Special Report (720pĀ & 1080p)
  5. Nogizaka at Work ~Work on the Title Track MV~
  6. Nogizaka at Work ~Work on Modeling~
  7. Nogizaka at Work ~Work on Press Conferences~
  8. Nogizaka at Work ~Work on Narration~
  9. Nogizaka at Work ~Work on Gravure~
  10. Nogizaka at Work ~Work on Coupling MVs~
  11. Shiraishi Mai @ 180512 Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari (2018 Spring SP): Follower
  12. Nogizaka at Work ~Work on Radio~
  13. Nogizaka at Work ~Work on TV Programs~
  14. NogiKoi: I Want to Take a Long Way Home ā€“ Nishino Nanase
  15. NogiKoi: Left Behind in the Summer Event ā€“ Suzuki Ayane
  16. NogiKoi: Left Behind in the Summer Event ā€“ Umezawa Minami
  17. Harujion ga Saita Yoru ~Fukagawa Mai Sotsugyou Concert Backstage~
  18. Nogizaka46 Hours TV 2nd Album Part 1
  19. NogiKoi: Left Behind in the Summer Event ā€“ Opening + Nishino Nanase
  20. 130811 Nogizakatte, Doko? ep96
  21. 180626 Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen (Nogizaka46)
  22. NogiKoi: The Voice of Summer ā€“ Sagara Iori EP1-EP5 (all parts except the bonus video)
  23. NogiKoi: Tanabata Event (06/30~07/09) ā€“ Nishino Nanase EP4 Final
  24. NogiKoi: Tanabata Event (06/30~07/09) ā€“ Nishino Nanase EP3
  25. NogiKoi: Tanabata Event (06/30~07/09) ā€“ Nishino Nanase ep2
  26. NogiKoi: Tanabata Event (06/30~07/09) ā€“ Nishino Nanase ep1
  27. 130804 Nogizakatte, Doko? ep95
  28. Nogizaka46 Summer National Tour 2015 Opening ā€“ Matsumura Sayuri & Shiraishi Mai/Takayama Kazumi & Nishino Nanase
  29. Nogizaka Under Construction ep62