4 thoughts on “Keyakizaka46 – Fukyouwaon (English Subbed + Karaoke)

  1. In 1:31 and 3:48 is it really ” ‘itsuka’ dakyou shitara shinda mo douzen” or should it be ” ‘ichido’ dakyou shitara shinda mo douzen”? Thanks for the subs by the way.

    1. yes, you’re right. I noticed your comments in keyavids posts and video report too. no need to repeat it again and again.

      1. Sorry…I thought you hadn’t noticed because you weren’t responding. Thanks by the way for the subs and sorry again…Also, it says that the comment is waiting for moderation (I guess) so I thought it wasn’t going to be sent so it came out as repetitive.

        1. Oh..comment in moderation means, admin need to approve the comment first in order for it to appear. Anyway, about the sub, the sub is old so I’m not going to fix it anytime soon. We’re focusing on our current project first.

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